In 1990 a group of parents, farmers and councilors decided to get together to provide a recreational area for the increasing number of children in the village. Mrs Harding-Francis, living at Pitney House, kindly offered a field at the western end of the village. Various fund raising schemes were set up to allow for the purchase of the field. The purchase was conditional on the land being placed in Trust as a permanent venue for sporting and recreational activities for the residents of Pitney.

Millfield School offered the pavilion which was purchased and brought back to Pitney  to be erected by some of the parents in the village. This was a major achievement following a determined fundraising effort. The next step was the creation of a Pitney football team who were very successful over the years and attracted the interest of local business in providing sponsorship. A cricket pitch soon followed.

Once this had all been achieved it was decided to create a play area for the smaller children and the fund raising kicked off again in earnest. Difficulties regarding health and safety and equipment procurement  took a great deal of effort and time to overcome but the days arrived and ‘Lappset’ installed the area.

Ideas for the development of the facilities are always under consideration and the latest project to be considered is the  installation of a multi surface area.

Companies are being approached to offer advice and costs in support of the project.

The focus has always been and continues to be  provision of a community facility for the benefit of all Pitney residents.